(Member Content) Tip #2 of 10 – Celebrity Gossip… Bad Habit, Great T-Shirts! – Graphic Tee Coach

(Member Content) Tip #2 of 10 – Celebrity Gossip… Bad Habit, Great T-Shirts!

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This is part of a 10 minipost series called "10 Tried, Tested, Proven Ways to Make $100K/year Selling T Shirts Online" that will help you become a better t-shirt seller.

Gossip is a Bad Habit

You probably shouldn’t gossip but you definitely should take advantage of Hollywood gossip sites!  Do a quick search for top hollywood gossip sites and you’ll find plenty. Here’s a sample:

Celebrity Twitpick Example

Same idea as Google news here but this will be celebrity specific.  See what’s trending, who said what, who wore what, whatever outrageous things are going on.  


  • Naturally if a celebrity is wearing something, fans will want to wear similar things.  So make something similar!
  • Sometime celebrities scribble notes on t-shirts and wear them to make a statement.  Maybe there fans will want to mimic that statement!
  • A funny quote can make a great t-shirt.
  • Maybe a silhouette of a woman holding a drill inspired by this photo?

These ideas are coming off the top of my head looking at a single post of thousands of new posts out today on these sites.  Whatever your idea is… it doesn’t have to be perfect. Again, you’re looking for something that is a current event associated with *now*.  In other words, you’re looking for something that can inspire a t-shirt that does not yet exist in the market. The shirt itself may sell. It may become a hot seller.  But even if not, this will drive traffic to your site and cause your long-term sellers to sell. This is the “secret” that hopefully you’re starting to pick up on!


Steve got into the t-shirt business several years ago and has never looked back. He is now able to pass on his knowledge and experience through Graphic Tee Coach, including how to design winning tees, marketing your shop, and sustaining a strong profitable business in the long run.

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